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CALCANEAL Spur or Lenoir spur or calcaneal exostosis

It is a calcification, spur shaped, located at the plantar fascia level under the heel bone (the calcaneus).

The plantar fascia is a fibrous tissue similar to a tendon that links the heel to the forefoot.

Plantar fascia

Its role is to underpin the arch of the foot in order to work as a cushion.

Excessive and repeated tractions can cause micro lesions on the posterior insertion of the plantar fascia and cause an inflammatory reaction, then a beginning of ossification. Intensive running, wearing unsuitable shoes, overweight, aging, flat feet increase the risk of developing this spur.

The diagnosis is an enthesitis with spur.

A ligament or a tendon affected at the area where it is attached to the bone.

calcaneal spur

X-ray revealing the presence of calcaneal spur


This calcaneal spur can be revealed most of the time by X-ray.

The pain is sharp, located under the heel which makes walking difficult.

It settles for a long time.

Recommendations :

- Wearing EPITAL insoles (with arch support to take the stress off the plantar fascia, and of course avoiding the painful area to relieve the pain) anti calcaneal spur;

- Reduce doing sports;

- Focus on wearing shoes with heels of about 2 cm.

If, despite wearing the insoles, the pain is still present after several weeks, go see your doctor.

CALCANEAL Spur or Lenoir spur or calcaneal exostosis
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