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Morton’s neuroma

Extremely acute pain, felt while standing or while walking, generally located at the second and/or third intermetatarsal space (at the base of the toes). These pains are generated by the compression of the sensitive nerve which innervates the toes.

Its origin is mechanical and it gets worse by wearing shoes too narrow and heels too high.

One solution and among the most efficient to erase the pain is to give enough space to the intermetatarsal space.

Morton’s neuroma

The simple solution to eliminate theses pains, efficient, immediate, without side effects and non invasive is to spread enough the intermetatarsal space. It is the role of Support Retro Median Capital of the insoles METASTAR. Due to its special shape it is slipped under the metatarsal heads and lifts them in an arc of circle which gives enough space between the inter-metatarsal joints.

In order to be relieved you must wear the METASTAR insoles specific for this type of pains.


Morton’s neuroma
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