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Median Metatarsalgia

The pains are generated by the hyper pressure at the base of the joints for the second, third or/and fourth toe.

This flexing zone of the foot is highly stressed while walking or running and often complained about.

Median Metatarsalgia

The causes may be due to:

A decrease in the thickness of the footpad with age;

Fat pad under the foot helping to shock absorption

when too much pressure;

Excessive pressure zone due to the weight of the body

On one or several claw toes or hammer toes;

On a callus;

Thickening and hardening of the skin

due to heels too high.

This type of pain is easily relieved by wearing the METASTAR insoles thanks to their Support Retro Median Capital.

In order to enhance the beneficial effect of the insoles we recommend you as well to wear flat shoes or with heels not higher than 2 cm with wide forefoot.

You will quickly find that the pain will fade and disappear completely in a few days.

Median Metatarsalgia
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