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Decrease in footpad

The footpad is a fatty tissue in the deeper part of the skin on the soles of the feet.

Its thickness varies from 1 cm under the forefoot to 2 cm under the heel.

This is the thicker layer of skin in the body.

It protects the bone structure of the foot in contact with the ground like a mattress.

It serves to cushion and absorb shocks.

Any reduction or alteration of footpad affects the comfort while walking and while standing upright.

When the reduction of the thickness is too strong, the pains appear in localized areas of the forefoot.

It will then become difficult to walk normally.

The main causes for the atrophy of the footpad are:

-Ageing which leads to a natural and irreversible decrease.

-Intensive practice of some sports which demand excessively and repeatedly the forefoot.

-Wearing, on regular basis and for several years, shoes with heels too high.

The insoles CAPITONER with their Support Retro Median Capital (SRMC) are efficient to relieve the pains under the second, the third and the fourth metatarsal heads (just behind the toes joint).

Due to the particular profile of the SRMC the pressure is reduced and these sensitive areas are relieved. The SRMC slips under the metatarsal heads in order to uplift them and isolate them from the ground.

Decrease in footpad
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