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The hyper pressure

It corresponds to an area of excessive pressure under the second, the third and the fourth metatarsal Plantar footprint with hyper pressureheads (just behind the toes joint).

This hyper pressure may be the result of:

-a reduction of the footpad (fat pad under the foot which helps to cushion)

-a distortion of the bone structure

-changes in the press and hold on the ground

-or wearing shoes with heels too high

The skin reacts by thickening at the hyper pressure level. It can be seen on a footprint made by a podograph.

With time, if nothing is done, this area may become painful. It could even become a callus.

If suffering from diabetes ask a pedicure specialist to monitor any hyper pressure. 

In order to relieve one or several hyper pressures located on the second, the third and or fourth metatarsal heads, you should wear the insoles METASTAR. They will reorganize the press and hold points on the ground and relieve that area of any pressure.

The hyper pressure
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