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Flat feet

The flat foot has two symptoms: the collapse of the arch and the calcaneal valgus* (the heel bone leans inward).

Photo flat feet 3rd degree, total collapse of the arch

While walking or running, the foot roll is in pronation*.

It is often associated with a genu valgum*.

There are 3 degrees to define a flat foot.

Footprint diagram of flat foot

Footprint diagram of flat foot

At each step, the internal longitudinal arch, which is the main architecture of the plantar arch, acts like a cushion which absorbs the body weight.

The causes of a flat foot are most of the time:

- The ligament hypermobility

- The muscle atony

- The overweight

A flat foot causes tiredness while walking or while standing in upright position for a long time. It may have a resonance at the spine level. With age, we may see forming a hyper pressure on the internal side of the foot. At last, in some cases it increases the risk of forming a hallux valgus.

For a flat foot, even 1st degree, it is important to adopt inside all your shoes, the Supports for the arch of the foot in order to give height to the internal longitudinal arch so it can play its role of shock absorber.


* See the list "Pathologies".

Flat feet
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