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LEJARS venous insole

LEJARS venous insole

The plantar venous insole described by LEJARS is a network of veins in the fat tissue that lines the bottom of the foot.

At each step, the compression of soft flesh crushes this superficial network to quickly send the blood to the deeper venous system.

It is the first stage of the venous pump. It is essential for the good quality of the blood drainage from the periphery inward, at the risk of seeing a venous stasis.

It slows down the blood and it dilates the blood vessels.

The second stage, the muscles of the leg and mostly of the calf contract, which accelerates the venous return of the lower limbs to the heart.

Our Supports for physiological arch of the foot, inside your shoes, will increase the venous pump effect and will participate in the fight against heavy legs effect.

We also recommend you to wear heels of reasonable height around 3 cm.

LEJARS venous insole
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