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Calcaneal Varus

It is the slope of the heel bone (calcaneus) outwardly. Note that the axis of a « normal » heel is perpendicular to the ground.

 Heel with calcaneal varusAngle of normal heel

 The common complications of this posture can be frequent sprains and with age a hyper pressure may appear on the exterior side of the foot. 

By looking at the shoes you will get the confirmation of a varus as the hind stiffener leans outward.

 Shoe with distorted stiffener and heel outward

Shoe with distorted stiffener and heel outward

The calcaneal varus may be hereditary, therefore, monitor your children’s feet.

To correct your calcaneal varus, stabilize your ankle joint and fight against the premature wear of your shoes;

- Place the Pronator Heels inside all your shoes to straighten the heel.

- If the wear of the shoes is too pronounced repair them or replace them.

Calcaneal Varus
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