Covers for corn or soft clavus

Covers for corn or soft clavus in fabric and soft silicone gel

Packaging: 2 Covers for corn or soft clavus

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Disc in soft silicone gel fixed inside a cover made of stretchable fabric.

The cover is place over the toe, the disc against the area to be protected.

They are particularly efficient for corn, soft clavus, hammer toes and callosities.

They relieve the pain and reduce the pressure and the friction caused by shoes.


If suffering from diabetes or you have circulation problems, please consult your doctor before using this product. Non- sterile. Do not use this product on injured skin. Remove the product from the foot at least for 4 consecutive hours daily. If this item causes skin discoloration, numbness, irritation or pain, stop using it immediately.

In order not to cancel the beneficial effect of the metatarsal pads, avoid wearing shoes too tight or heels too high.


You must wash the products with warm water and soft soap. Rinse with clear water. Let them dry in open air, far away from any source of heat or sun. Put talc on if the gel becomes sticky.

3 Sizes:

L (for the 1st toe)

M (for the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th toe)

S (for the 5th toe)

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Concerned pathologies

  • Claw or hammer toes

    It is a common disease affecting essentially women.

    Wearing shoes with heels too high and a forefoot too tight has a big responsibility in this biomechanical disorder of the foot.

    It is a distortion of the toe in claw shape due to a muscle-tendon retraction.

    It concerns mostly the second, the third and fourth toe.

    This retraction of the toes causes painful conflicts inside the shoe on the prominent areas over the inter phalangeal joints and sometimes also on the extremities of the toes. These areas of friction will help privilege the appearance of callus and the pains that accompany them. (If suffering from diabetes ask a pedicure specialist to monitor the callus or calluses).

    Diagram of the bone structure for the claw or hammer toes

    In order to stop the evolution of the claw toe and avoid the deformations of the joints, you should react upon first visible signs of deformation or upon first appearance of pains.

    Support Retro Median Capital (SRMC) of the insoles METASTAR will press on the tendons to relax and help the extension of the toes. Once the points of friction are eliminated the pain will disappear.

    Priority should be given to shoes made of soft leather which offer wideness and volume to the forefoot as well as heels of about 2 cm high.

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