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CAMBROSTAR Insoles for for city shoes

For cavus
For cavus
  • For cavus
  • For cavus

CAMBROSTAR Insoles for cavus for city and dress shoes

Packaging: 1 pair

Adapted to city shoes

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The CAMBROSTAR insoles are specially designed to relieve pain caused by metatarsalgia (cavus), pain localized at the base of the toes or by hammer toes.

The CAMBROSTAR insoles are made up of thinner half-insoles with a Barre Rétro Capital (BRC)in soft latex loam.

-Concerning metatarsalgia:

The specific BRC’s shape is placed behind toes and lift them to reduce the ground contact pressure of this foot area, while walking.

-Concerning hammer toes:

BRC plays also a crucial role by applying a pressure on the heel. Thanks to this pressure, the toes are relaxed and regain their length and fitness.

The front foot cream made with Lavandin’s essential oils has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and relaxing effects. Regularly used, at the end of the day, it allows to extend and improve the CAMBROSTAR insoles effect on foot pain.

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