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Massage cream for heels with essential oil wintergreen scented Bio

Packaging: 1 bottle of 50ml

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Concerned pathologies

  • Archilles tendinitis

    The Achilles tendon is a powerful fibrous structure that connects Achilles tendonthe calf muscles to the heel.

    The insertion is done at the rear side of the calcaneus.

    It participates in the plantar flexion of the foot.

    It is particularly put to work during running at the propulsion phase and while standing on "tiptoe".

    It is made of fibers that are very sensitive to dehydration which is the main cause of tendinitis.    

    Being poorly vascularized, they are particularly vulnerable.

    Main causes 

    Intrinsic :

    - Tendon too short

    - Not stretchable enough  

    Extrinsic :

    - Important physical activity and repeated movements

    - Conflicts with poorly adapted shoes

    - Trauma

    - Poor nutrition or hydration  


    - Go see a doctor

    - Eliminate the cause

    - Rest

    - Wear cushioning heels

  • Sever’s disease

    Also called calcaneal apophysis on the posterior side of the heel.Ossification nucleus

    Bone growth disorder at the cartilage level on the rear part of the calcaneus in children and young adolescents, mostly male and who do sports.

    Main causes 

    The Sever’s disease appears linked to repeated microtrauma caused by doing many sports.

    The diagnosis is confirmed by the pain localized to the posterior and plantar side of the heel. 


    - Go see a doctor

    - Eliminate the cause

    - Rest

    - Wear cushioning heels


  • CALCANEAL Spur or Lenoir spur or calcaneal exostosis

    It is a calcification, spur shaped, located at the plantar fascia level under the heel bone (the calcaneus).

    The plantar fascia is a fibrous tissue similar to a tendon that links the heel to the forefoot.

    Plantar fascia

    Its role is to underpin the arch of the foot in order to work as a cushion.

    Excessive and repeated tractions can cause micro lesions on the posterior insertion of the plantar fascia and cause an inflammatory reaction, then a beginning of ossification. Intensive running, wearing unsuitable shoes, overweight, aging, flat feet increase the risk of developing this spur.

    The diagnosis is an enthesitis with spur.

    A ligament or a tendon affected at the area where it is attached to the bone.

    calcaneal spur

    X-ray revealing the presence of calcaneal spur


    This calcaneal spur can be revealed most of the time by X-ray.

    The pain is sharp, located under the heel which makes walking difficult.

    It settles for a long time.

    Recommendations :

    - Wearing EPITAL insoles (with arch support to take the stress off the plantar fascia, and of course avoiding the painful area to relieve the pain) anti calcaneal spur;

    - Reduce doing sports;

    - Focus on wearing shoes with heels of about 2 cm.

    If, despite wearing the insoles, the pain is still present after several weeks, go see your doctor.

  • fasciitis

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