Cream for the arch of the foot

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Cream for the arch of the foot with cypress essential oil

Packaging: 1 bottle of 50ml

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Concerned pathologies

  • Flat feet

    The flat foot has two symptoms: the collapse of the arch and the calcaneal valgus* (the heel bone leans inward).

    Photo flat feet 3rd degree, total collapse of the arch

    While walking or running, the foot roll is in pronation*.

    It is often associated with a genu valgum*.

    There are 3 degrees to define a flat foot.

    Footprint diagram of flat foot

    Footprint diagram of flat foot

    At each step, the internal longitudinal arch, which is the main architecture of the plantar arch, acts like a cushion which absorbs the body weight.

    The causes of a flat foot are most of the time:

    - The ligament hypermobility

    - The muscle atony

    - The overweight

    A flat foot causes tiredness while walking or while standing in upright position for a long time. It may have a resonance at the spine level. With age, we may see forming a hyper pressure on the internal side of the foot. At last, in some cases it increases the risk of forming a hallux valgus.

    For a flat foot, even 1st degree, it is important to adopt inside all your shoes, the Supports for the arch of the foot in order to give height to the internal longitudinal arch so it can play its role of shock absorber.


    * See the list "Pathologies".

  • LEJARS venous insole

    LEJARS venous insole

    The plantar venous insole described by LEJARS is a network of veins in the fat tissue that lines the bottom of the foot.

    At each step, the compression of soft flesh crushes this superficial network to quickly send the blood to the deeper venous system.

    It is the first stage of the venous pump. It is essential for the good quality of the blood drainage from the periphery inward, at the risk of seeing a venous stasis.

    It slows down the blood and it dilates the blood vessels.

    The second stage, the muscles of the leg and mostly of the calf contract, which accelerates the venous return of the lower limbs to the heart.

    Our Supports for physiological arch of the foot, inside your shoes, will increase the venous pump effect and will participate in the fight against heavy legs effect.

    We also recommend you to wear heels of reasonable height around 3 cm.

  • Sagging arch of the foot

    The arch is part of the architecture of the foot which is made of 3 arches that draw a triangle on the ground.

    This bone structure, subtended by ligaments, muscles and plantar fasciitis, is able to deform itself :

    - To support the weight of the body;

    - To absorb the shocks;

    - To allow the foot to adapt to any kind of ground;

    - To participate in the phase of propulsion in walking or running.

    From these 3 arches, the most important in size and function, is the internal longitudinal arch.

    It forms an arc of a circle which starts at the calcaneus, passes by the navicular bone (the keystone) and it ends at the head of the 1st metatarsal.

    It is a stretchable arch.

    diagram internal longitudinal arch of the foot

    The second is the external longitudinal arch.

    It forms a curve that starts from the calcaneus, passes through the cuboid bone and ends at the head of the 5th metatarsal.

    It is a press and hold arch.

    diagram external longitudinal arch of the foot

    The third and last is the transverse arch.

    It forms a small bridge that links the 1st metatarsal head to the 5thmetatarsal head.

    It is an arch of connection.

    diagram transverse arch of the foot

    We talk about sagging arch of the foot, when the curve of the internal longitudinal arch flattens, getting closer to the ground.

    It is not yet a flat foot and there is no calcaneal valgus.

    In this case, the amplitude of the shock absorber that represents the arch of the foot is diminished and its efficiency reduced.

    Tiredness will install itself while walking or while standing in upright position for a long time.

    The causes are most of the time the ligament hypermobility and or lack of muscle tone.

    Our Supports for the arch of the foot, inside your shoes, will restore in your feet the necessary curve in order to regain their function of shock absorber.

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