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Archilles tendinitis

The Achilles tendon is a powerful fibrous structure that connects Achilles tendonthe calf muscles to the heel.

The insertion is done at the rear side of the calcaneus.

It participates in the plantar flexion of the foot.

It is particularly put to work during running at the propulsion phase and while standing on "tiptoe".

It is made of fibers that are very sensitive to dehydration which is the main cause of tendinitis.    

Being poorly vascularized, they are particularly vulnerable.

Main causes 

Intrinsic :

- Tendon too short

- Not stretchable enough  

Extrinsic :

- Important physical activity and repeated movements

- Conflicts with poorly adapted shoes

- Trauma

- Poor nutrition or hydration  


- Go see a doctor

- Eliminate the cause

- Rest

- Wear cushioning heels

Archilles tendinitis
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