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Supination of the foot

First of all, the supination is determined by comparing it with a neutral or universal foot. The supination of the foot represents around 15% of the population.

Universal footSupination of the foot







The supination, is the dynamic definition of the foot roll, while walking or running, which is done Press and hold on the ground on the exterior sidemostly outwards.

The distribution of the press and hold points on the ground, is more important on the external edge.

It will be observed, logically, a more pronounced wear on the external side of the shoe sole.

A too high supination of the foot may be responsible for repeated ankle sprains.

The supination of the foot may be hereditary, therefore, monitor your children’s feet.

To correct your supination, stabilize the joint of your ankle and fight against the premature wear of your shoes;

 - Place the Pronator Heels inside all your shoes to correct your supination.

- If the wear of the shoes is too pronounced repair them or replace them.

Supination of the foot
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